Aside from traditional retained search, there are a number of unique hiring scenarios evolving companies experience from time to time.  To effectively address these very specialized circumstances requires an executive search team with a proven track record of success. Search Group of San Diego has consistently delivered top talent to our clients under the most complicated hiring scenarios, including:

Confidential Replacement Search

A key member of your team is disruptive or underperforming and the decision is made to hire in new talent; a replacement – without their knowledge.  Effectively executing a confidential replacement search while there is an incumbent is a highly sensitive and complex process as there is no margin for error - or the consequences could be disastrous.

How do you identify and recruit external candidates without the incumbent finding out, particularly within a niche area where networks are tightly connected  and everyone seems to know each other?

Your solution is Search Group of San Diego.  We’ve a proven track record at successfully executing confidential replacement searches.  Please inquire for specific details and client references.

Department Build / Group Hiring

Let’s say you’ve decided to build out a new department.  You’ll be building a team with a senior leader, middle management, and support staff - and you have limited time to do it.  Who do you hire first? Do you build from the ground up, or from the top down, or both? We’ve done it. We can help. Please inquire for specific details and client references.

Single Search:  Growth/Replacement

Do you have a critical hire?  A key opening? Looking for a partner who can deliver top talent quickly? Look no further. Search Group of San Diego’s streamlined, no-nonsense executive search model delivers results.  Our success is based on a track record of execution spanning 20 years. We only take on searches we can fill. Please see: IMPACT

Succession Planning/Hand-off

Someone on your leadership team is retiring and/or looking for a successor.  Timing is critical because you want the outgoing employee and incoming employee to overlap for a successful transition.  Search Group of San Diego can help. Please see: IMPACT


We’ve a consistent track record of engaging top talent at the C level, and understanding of the right partnership between client and C- level talent that provides the best match for both parties.  Please see: IMPACT